The Story

TOAST is a restaurant supplier of hardware and software based in the Boston area. Accorin began working with TOAST in 2019 planning for an innovative e-commerce experience to help restaurants outfit their operations with the best hardware and software supporting end-to-end ordering experience. The resulting system is a unique headless e-commerce architecture with transactions supported by Magento.

Platform(s) / Solution:

  • Magento Cloud

  • Craft CMS on the front-end

Extras & Noteworthy Add-ons:

  • E-commerce services layer built by TOAST used to communicate between the front end web and Magento to back end systems to handle all taxes, pricing, payments and more

  • Bundle building: users have the capability to build custom bundles of TOAST products based on attributes.

  • APIs into Avalara Avatax, Stripe, SSO, and more

Key Technology Used

Craft CMS
Trust Pilot