Stave Puzzles


The Story

In many ways, Stave Puzzles is a model for creative product entrepreneurs who want to make it big. Stave is a unique, luxury wooden jigsaw puzzle brand. Each puzzle is handcrafted by an individual artisan, so they offer a wide range of options for almost every product in their catalog. A leader in their industry for decades, Stave has often been referred to as the “Rolls Royce of puzzles.” From an e-commerce perspective, there is some complexity to their site and BigCommerce provided the right platform for dealing with it. Many of the products have numerous variants to choose from, ranging from the dimension of the puzzle to the number of pieces available in many different configurations. Every Stave puzzle is custom-made according to the customer's specifications. The recent redesign of the site on BigCommerce supports a consumer buying process that feels “custom” due to the high level of choices the shopper has, and the rich content integrated by Stave that supports the customer experience.
The requirements for the recent website re-platform overlapped between complexity and design sophistication. Together, Wasserman and BigCommerce were able to balance both. We were also able to integrate seamlessly with Stave’s ERP to reduce manual data sharing and increase operational efficiency. Since re-platforming to BigCommerce, Stave’s e-commerce conversion rate has increased 56% and a their browsing time per session increased 93%. Stave has worked with Wasserman to evolve the user experience and to stay ahead of its competition; recently the brand launched two different rental programs. If you are a puzzler, you absolutely must check out!

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Platform(s) / Solution:

  • BigCommerce

  • ERP integration

  • Loyalty + Redemption programs

Key Technology Used