Who Can Benefit?

The Integrator can be used by any company that needs to exchange data between Magento and external systems. Whether you need to exchange inventory files, orders, shipments, product information or customer records, helps development teams Integrator streamlines all the integration tasks such as mapping of data, scheduling integration tasks and managing security credentials.

Sample Integrations Supported By The Integator

  • Order flows from Magento to an ERP
  • Order flows from an ERP to Magento
  • Order Cancellations from Magento to an ERP
  • Order Cancellations from an ERP to Magento
  • Return flows from Magento to an ERP
    Return flows from an ERP to Magento
  • Inventory updates from an ERP to Magento
  • Product adds and updates from an ERP or a PIM to Magento
  • Credit validations from Magento to an ERP
  • Product feeds from Magento to external systems

Key Features

  • Show all customer Orders, Shipments, Invoices and Returns in the standard Magento MyAccount section.
  • Schedule adds and updates from external systems.
  • Allow customers to re-order products even if the original orders came from outside of Magento.
  • For non-Magento data, save Header and Detail information in Magento, OR only save Header information in Magento and then retrieve the detail information when it is needed. Download information using logical filters for further off-line analysis.
  • Customers can filter and sort their Orders, Shipments, Invoices and Returns within the MyAccount grid.

The Integrator Components

The Integrator is made up of three main components:

  • Define the inbound and outbound integration points
  • Configure the type of integration point that will be used (e.g. Webservices, FTP, EDI, etc.)
  • Schedule the frequency of the integrations
  • Manage Credentials
  • Map inbound and outbound data to Magento fields.
  • Add integration business logic.
  • Build processing logic to run after the integration has run (e.g. response codes, data cleanup, etc.).
  • Monitoring and logging of all integrations to make sure everything is running okay.
  • See all integration points and mappings.
  • Setup notifications to administrators if there is an issue.

Integrations can be one of the most challenging aspects of any e-commerce project. With the Integrator, engineers can focus on defining, building and testing the actual integrations, not the tools needed to manage production e-commerce integrations.

Graham Lubie
VP, Strategy & E-Commerce

Magento Edition Requirements

The B2B Order Approval Management module is compatible with Magento Commerce 2.2 and above.

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