Accorin is pleased to provide B2B merchants with 3 new extensions that will further extend the B2B features of Magento Commerce and Cloud! These lightweight but highly useful extensions are super practical extensions to the already-powerful B2B Core of Magento 2. These extensions can also be paired with our other offerings including The Integrator and One View to increase operating efficiency in any complex B2B e-commerce organization.

Who Can Benefit?

These extensions will be useful for B2B merchants that sell to retail locations, multi store distributors and wholesalers, and any organization that sells to merchants with a number of buyers that will be interacting with their stores. International merchants doing business in different countries will also benefit from these extensions.

Key Features

  • Centrally create and edit Requisition Lists to be used by employees throughout the company.
  • Company OR Personal Requisition Lists can be used.
  • Multiple B2B Company Requisition Lists can be shared by a company.
  • Requisition Lists can be shared with everybody in the company, or a just a sub-set of employees.
  • Access to Requisition Lists is controlled by the Magento B2B Company Structure.
  • Tasks that can be performed on a Requisition Lists is controlled in the Magento B2B security rules.
  • Extends Address Book functionality so that it can be used with Magento B2B company structure
  • Centrally create and edit an address book for a company (i.e. different locations / stores)
  • Control access to address books within company hierarchy to control shipments
  • Integrates with Magento company hierarchy
  • Provides more granular order detail than Core view orderĀ
  • Logged in customers can easily view all previously purchased products
  • Logged in customers can easily reorder previously purchased products

These simple extensions make e-commerce lif a lot easier inside complex B2B organizations. They pair with and extend very nicely toe Core B2B features in Magento 2 Commerce and Cloud editions

Frank Thompson
Accorin, Managing Director

Magento Edition Requirements

These extensions are compatible with Magento Commerce 2.2 and above.

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