We are Wasserman. We are no longer Accorin. As of February 15, 2023 we are Wasserman Digital Design and Technology (Wasserman DD&T). While e-commerce services remain at our core, now that we are a part of Wasserman our team is growing and our capabilities have expanded to include non-commerce digital strategy, design, development, and support. We’re surrounded by absolutely top-tier marketing expertise and talent representation expertise across the rest of Wasserman as well.

Our new positioning is clear:
Wasserman is a partner to the world’s most iconic sports figures, musical artists, brands, and properties. Our purpose is to transform and advance brands, businesses, and careers, empowering clients to create culture and impact audiences.  ​
Wasserman Digital Design & Technology delivers world-class digital experiences & commerce technology as a high-value, high-growth service offering.​
From first impression to last click we create web and app experiences that wow.​

Our Services Summarized

This announcement marks an important transition as we enhance our service offerings beyond exclusively digital commerce (e-commerce) services, with new capabilities including:​

  • Digital experience creation​
  • Non-transactional websites, microsites and landing page development​
  • Custom application development​
  • Customer experience (CX)​ development
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)​
  • Evolutionary Services, Maintenance & Support of digital properties, sites, and apps

Wasserman has an incredible portfolio of additional capabilities, including strategy, partnership management, measurement, experiential, media, influencer, content and more, in addition to representing a world-class roster of sports, media and music talent​

What This Means for Wasserman Clients

We are a department within Wasserman, so all of the other Wasserman service offerings – from activation and experiential marketing, talent representation, next generation and campus activation marketing, media buying and more – will be able to leverage their own high-quality digital technology department to design and build websites, apps, integrations and more without seeking help from 3rd party vendors. In addition, to back up our own world-class digital UX design chops, we now have access to the deep creative horsepower throughout Wasserman that is used to power some of the world’s most prominent consumer brands.

What This Means for Accorin (now Wasserman Digital Design & Technology) Clients

Our clients are able to leverage the full range of Wasserman’s offering for their own businesses, brands and affiliates. With the highest level of talent representation, our clients can leverage access to athletes and musicians for sponsorships, collaborations and special marketing opportunities. Wasserman’s Brands & Properties division, of which we are now a part, can provide clients with access to sponsorships at events run by the largest entities such as the NFL, MLB and other more niche target organizations, leagues, associations whose target market is a perfect match for its customers.

In addition, as a Wasserman client you now have access to the broader world-class team of talent in creative thinking and execution, social influencer expertise, and media buying and management – including all key digital marketing channels, experiential marketing expertise and brand activation expertise.

Our services and deep enterprise-scale expertise has evolved far beyond the catalog and the shopping cart. As a department of Wasserman, we can help your company grow in so many new, innovative yet proven ways.

  • Need to re-activate your brand with a target market in person? With a sponsored event? We got that.
  • Going global and need to activate in a new major international market? We do that.
  • Need to promote omnichannel brand experiences for both B2B and B2C audiences? Yes that’s us.
  • Need to activate and promote your brand with emerging young adult audiences to increase your lifetime customer value? Check.
  • Or, perhaps as an established brand you’re ready to sponsor event(s) with one of the most prominent sports leagues and their talent? Well, Wasserman is by far the leader in that category of marketing work.

The Bottom Line

We are Wasserman, and the digital experience creation and digital commerce services is just the beginning of a massive capability set that has been proven with many of the world’s most popular brands for over 20 years.

So moving forward don’t be afraid to ask “what can Wasserman do for my brand?” We’d be happy to tell you!