In the manufacturing business, the difficulties of e-commerce can be a daily struggle. Legacy platforms often need to be revised, leading organizations to believe that transitioning to an enterprise-ready platform requires many months, if not years, and a significant financial investment. However, a transformative solution is here – our new B2B Accelerator program.

Together with BigCommerce, in 90 days we address the largest obstacles encountered by manufacturers. With our B2B Accelerator, you can streamline and expedite the transition from an inefficient, costly, poor experience legacy platform to a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform running on BigCommerce’s B2B Edition.

The Manufacturing B2B E-Commerce Landscape:

Many manufacturing companies feel trapped in a daily battle with clunky, outdated e-commerce platforms. Most have homegrown legacy systems built years ago and “duct-taped” together over time. Some have shopping carts and commerce extensions to ERP systems that are also outdated or insufficient. These antiquated platforms strain under digital product catalogs with thousands of SKUs, options, variants, and complexities

The pricing engines in these legacy platforms often need to improve when confronted with the complexity of B2B pricing tiers and customer-specific pricing. Web pages load at a crawl, driving customers to seek out competitors with modern, speedy sites. Outdated e-commerce architectures buckle under constantly expanding product data. And keeping these fragile systems running requires expensive maintenance and endless workarounds.

These inefficiencies have steep costs for manufacturing businesses. Customer service teams struggle with complaints about site problems that create order fulfillment issues, and many customers simply revert to the old expensive way of placing orders: phone and fax. Then, predictably, customers flee to competitors with superior e-commerce experiences, and revenue and growth stall out.

Most manufacturers know they need to upgrade but the prospect seems daunting and prohibitively expensive. They need more internal web development resources for a massive rebuild and the risks of sporadic downtime during a transition are also costly.
So manufacturing companies remain tethered to the pain of legacy platforms, resigned to applying band-aids instead of cures.

Manufacturers in this position believe a transformation needs to be simplified, lengthy, and risky. But with our new B2B Accelerator, there is finally a lower-risk and more efficient way to quickly break free of legacy platforms. This game-changing solution gives manufacturers an express lane to the modern B2B e-commerce era.

Introducing B2B Accelerator:

Our B2B Accelerator program is not just a solution; it’s an e-commerce accelerator designed to challenge the status quo. Developed in collaboration with industry leaders BigCommerce, a leading B2B e-commerce platform, and Wasserman Digital, a certified BigCommerce solutions partner and integrator, this program promises a 90-day transformation to migrate your manufacturing business’s current product catalog to a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform. The best part? Zero platform fees during this period from project start to launch Want to learn more or chat with us to see if your business can benefit from this program? Visit here.

Key Features and Benefits:

Rapid Transformation:

  • The B2B Accelerator acts as an e-commerce launch pad, catapulting your online customer experience from legacy complexity to a state-of-the-art platform in 90 days. The dedicated team of experienced e-commerce experts ensures a seamless transition.

Zero Migration Fees:

  • During the critical 90-day period, you’ll pay zero migration fees. This commitment lets you focus on your business, enjoy increased revenue more quickly, and reduce ongoing operational expenses and risks.

Tailored for Manufacturers, Wholesalers, and Distributors:

  • Manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors have unique needs that our B2B Accelerator meticulously addresses. With pre-built modules and expert guidance from start to finish, B2B Accelerator ensures these organizations can quickly launch an e-commerce platform within 90 days.

Risk-Free Overhaul:

  • Risk less, spend less, and worry less. Our B2B Accelerator is the ultimate solution for ambitious business leaders looking to overhaul and improve their e-commerce rapidly, with the guarantee of being up, running, selling, and smiling in just 90 days.

Who is this for?

The B2B Accelerator is designed for manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors who feel chained to outdated e-commerce platforms that hold their business back. Many manufacturing companies built their original websites years ago and have a site cobbled together with band-aid solutions.

These legacy systems often need more modern functionalities like robust search, intuitive navigation, and mobile responsiveness. They strain under the weight of large catalogs, complex pricing, and siloed data. Worst of all, they deliver a clunky, frustrating customer experience that drives buyers elsewhere.

Upgrading these legacy systems feels daunting, like undergoing a significant construction project on a house you still have to live in. There are always new fires to put out and products to manufacture, so dedicating resources to a lengthy IT project seems impossible. Many manufacturing companies have resigned themselves to managing the inefficiencies of their legacy platforms, too overwhelmed by the prospect of launching a new site.

The B2B Accelerator provides these manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors an off-ramp from legacy platform gridlock. With expert guidance and pre-built modules, it allows companies to upgrade their site quickly and affordably. The 90-day timeline and zero migration fees remove the primary cost and time barriers that previously deterred migration. The B2B Accelerator gives manufacturers the key to breaking free of outdated e-commerce platforms and unlocking their digital potential.

Our B2B Accelerator is not just a tool; it’s the enterprise e-commerce engine that manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors have been waiting for. It offers a swift 90-day launch, zero migration fees, pre-built modules, and expert guidance. So, why stick with the pain of legacy systems when you can level up your online selling in 90 days or less with our B2B Accelerator? Contact us today to learn how to satisfy more customers, exceed competitor offerings, boost revenue, create new sales channels, and establish a best-in-class online store. The future of manufacturing e-commerce is here – seize it with our B2B Accelerator.